First surf for Baba’nui

Absolutely flat again today. Took the little fella out for his first real paddle on the SUP. Caught his first two waves. He seemed to enjoy it. Got his first little surf buzz. Below his post-SUP glow.


Monday morning slide

Despite the low expectation of a surfable wave this morning I was greeted with 1/4 -1/2 ft fun SUP waves.  The water was still well muddy but the tide was an hour earlier so the lack of water enabled the small swell to form up on the shallow sand banks.  Windfinder has increased its predictions for the rest of the week (Wednesday looking promising), but the magic 2.0 on the wave height bar not being expected until next Sunday.  Still, all and all I am guessing that there may well be some little empty waves to be had on the paddle boards this week.