Welcome to SUP Saunders Beach

SUP’n at Saunders Beach: I’ve been riding a NSP 10’6’’ SUP for the past year and I love it. It’s proven to be an easy transition from regular surfing to this SUP. It catches anything that rolls through and is quite manoeuvrable. I’ll probably go a bit shorter on my next one to get a bit more manoeuvrability, but for the small waves here, the longer length is worth it.

Where is Saunders Beach: SB is a tiny coastal town about 30 min north of Townsville in North Queensland.  It’s mainly known as a popular spot for backpackers and grey nomads to camp overnight at as it has a good (free) campervan carpark right on the beach, with BBQ’s, toilet facilities and water.

The waves: Like most of the North Queensland coast, SB can not really claim to have any waves for regular surfing.  It definitely does get waves sometimes but having lived here for 2 years I can tell you that it is fickle.  It takes regular checks on the net for wind, swell and tide activity and sure, you can score small fun sliders at some times of the year.  The real action for Saunders Beach surfers is found in SUP’n.  The beach will almost always have small waves (up to ½ -1 ft) which tend to be long and fun lefts and rights.

Where to get a SUP locally: You can purchase a SUP in Townsville either from the kite surfing store in town run by a guy called Paulie or the fishing shop  BCF has started selling cheap popout SUPs. However I shipped a SUP up here myself from a distributor down on the Sunshine Coast as I wanted the NSP.

Check in regularly for posts on the SUP’n scene at Saunders Beach.


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  1. Hi mate. Thanks for the blog. What conditions are we looking for to get a little swell at Saunders. I’m in townsville and would like to catch up for sup on any swell that comes though. Thanks again for any help.

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