It has been a long wait…

Hello again, I have finally had reason to return to the blog and post some SUP surfin updates. 31th December 2012 saw the 2.6 m pulse predicted on windfinder starting to hit Saunders with about 1ft weak but fun little sliders. After a very quiet NYE I awoke to a super clean 1 ft, long long lefts and rights morning. I SUPed for about an hour and got so many fun little sliders from outside rivermouth through to the beach at the camp grounds ( a few hundred meters). A couple of waves came through at head height. It was great to be back in the water again. As I write this (10:36 pm) it sounds as though the swell may still be rolling in I can only hope. So why has it taken so long to post this blog, well a little while ago we had acyclone Yasi blow through here and while it did not look as though much damage was done, all the sand on the sea floor was taken away. So much sand was removed that we only now have started to get enough sand back to rebuild the banks. Anyway I will let you know if it is SUPable tomorrow.

Also check out the NEW LINK for podcasts from Down The Line Surf Talk Radio – simply the best surf radio to date check it out.

IMG_0370 Picture not really showing anything as it went flat with the full tide.


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