Little sliders and kite jumpers

OK I know this is the slackest blog ever but since the last post there has been swell and some fun SUP’n waves on the beach. Baba’nui has even been out for a few paddles and bodyboarding sessions.   Last weekend there was a great turnout at SB for the annual triathlon and it was great to have the beach active in such a big way. Anyway, windfinder promised a lot over the last week or so but given the swell direction it amounted to only a small wave hitting the beach. This morning, however, was glass at about ½ – 1 ft and super fun. I had a great time this morning and surfed for about an hour, all good. The kite surfers hit it this afternoon with four kiters out jumping around. now that the summer stinger season is well and truly over there is a lot more activity on the water.  The photo below was taken whilst siting under the she-oaks with Craig and the girls having an easy afternoon bevvy.

Kite surfer Saunders Beach


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